By Clive Kandel

The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

Rupert Emmerson, Cartier London designer’s personal copy of The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones, given to him by Jacques Cartier and given by Emmerson to Clive Kandel in October 1978 as a token of gratitude.

When Rupert Emmerson left the Slade School of Fine Art London to join Cartier London in the 1930s, Jacques Cartier told him, ‘Now forget everything you have learnt, you are here to follow the Cartier Design Style. Go to the following museums, British Museum and Victoria & Albert. Here is a book, The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones; this is where you will find the ideas for the designs you will be asked to create.’ Turning the pages of the book, one can easily see the designs and historical references by which most Cartier designers were influenced.