A Glittering Break. Take Your Cue from Art Deco Rubies.

By Clive Kandel A Glittering Break A Glittering Break were the words used by Harpers and Queen in Spring 1974 to introduce an undiscovered new fashion for Art Deco jewels. This was the very first editorial, daring at the time, suggesting the chic of wearing Art Deco rubies. This...

Patricia Goldstein Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum London

New York Jewelry Diary by Clive Kandel
By Clive Kandel In May 2008, the V&A opened its newly modernized jewelry gallery named after William and Judith Bollinger, who provided the financial assistance to make this possible. William Bollinger is the retired co-founder and a limited partner of the hedge fund Egerton Capital LP. His wife, Judith, oversaw the merger of ABG Securities with Sundal Collier in 2001.They both ...

The Great Pretender

New York Jewelry Diary by Clive Kandel
I recently came across a long forgotten folder containing the article '' The Great Pretender'' from the New York Times Magazine of September 19th, 1993...